Orange County Window Cleaning & Services By Skyview

Sky View Services is an Orange County window cleaning service company based in Laguna Beach, CA with over 30 years in business.
We provide the following services to the south Orange County Area:
  • Orange County residential and commercial window cleaning using the industry’s latest technology advancement standard of Reverse Osmosis includes the following: glass cleaned inside and out, window tracks brushed and vacuumed out, and outsides of window frames cleaned.
  • Orange County blind and shutter cleaning (aluminum, wood, simulated wood and plastic). Standard service includes removing blinds from house (aluminum, simulated wood and plastic) and cleaning on a truck mounted unit with reverse osmosis water. Cleaning all operating mechanisms, strings and valances which also provides an Anti-static property Wood blinds and shutters are cleaned using Murphy’s oil soap.
  • On site re-screening and new screen building for all types of window frames and patio doors.
  • Pressure washing light concrete, stucco, and brick
  • Mirror Cleaning, Perfect for large wall mirrors

There are some tasks that we dread to do- cleaning windows! On the other hand, no matter how long we postpone cleaning our windows there will come a time that you couldn’t avoid doing it anymore. There’s a solution to this dirty and sometimes dangerous job- hiring a professional window cleaner.

Clean, sparkling windows are a joy. They give you a clear view of the interesting outdoors and give your home or office an immaculate, well-kept look. Nobody likes cleaning windows and keeping your windows pristine isn’t always easy.  You can still keep them looking clean and clear with the help of Orange County window cleaners. They will not only clean windows, but also keep window tracks and window panes dust and grime-free. Make sure your windows always look immaculate. Ask the help of a reliable Orange County window cleaning services.

A professional Orange county window cleaning  service will simply do a better job because they have the right equipment to take out that deeply ingrained dirt in your window panes and tracks. If the windows that you want to get cleaned are office windows, they are probably located too high for you to reach. It’s just too difficult and too dangerous to attempt doing it yourself. You don’t need to avoid cleaning windows nor you have to do it yourself. It takes too much time and effort and Orange County window cleaners are affordable. Leave the dirty cleaning job to the professionals and you will have sparkling windows in no time at all.

Orange County Window Cleaners for all your residential and commercial needs!

  • single family homes
  • mulitple level commercial properties
  • coastal properties
  • apartments
  • condos
  • solar panels
  • glass walls & windbreaks
  • unique structures & needs… we clean them all!


Where You’ve Seen Us:

You’ve probably seen our truck in local Orange County communities but even more so in our new headquarters in Laguna Beach. Spot us in neighborhoods like Emerald Bay, Irvine Cove, Monarch Beach, Three Arch Bay, Monarch Crest, and more. But we strive to serve our community as a whole.

Being closer to the Pacific Ocean requires a bit higher level of service frequency but as far as the technique being used…it’s almost exactly the same. One thing that is a bit different about Laguna Beach homes in particular is the challenge with accessibility to the windows but we are able to use our Reverse Osmosis system to clean windows on steep hillsides.