Orange County Window Cleaners Spring Cleaning Tips For Beautiful Windows in Your Home

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tucker2Spring is usually the most popular time for people to schedule their major house cleaning overhauls. And that unfortunately includes that pesky window cleaning!

What better way to let the Spring light shine through your windows then to spruce them up with a fresh cleaning.

Now we have lots of resources for your unique home needs, but our professional Orange County window cleaning experts have conveniently consolidated it for you here with Spring Cleaning Tips For Beautiful Windows In Your Home…

  • Avoid sunny days
    When the sun is out, it may leave you with streaks since the water will dry faster.

  • Protect the surroundings
    Make sure you are covering up any window frames to avoid cleaning fluid hitting your paint.  Cleaning fluids will cause your paint to discolor and fade

  • Go the right direction
    Make sure you are washing from top to bottom so you are not bringing dirty water to the top to drip down your freshly cleaned windows.

  • Clean your gutters first!
    It is also common for people to clean their gutters in the spring.  Not only is this important for the maintenance of your home, but it will help keep your windows and house clean.  Clogged gutters cause run off down the sides of your home which will make your exterior wall and windows grimey!

  • Screen Cleaning
    Screens trap debris and dirt that are transferred to your windows when it rains.

With all the spring cleaning that goes on, wouldn’t it be nice to have your windows cleaned worry free? Those tall, double sided beasts can take a whole day… and maybe even some of your sanity with it. Focus on your room, your organizing and other spring cleaning needs… on the ground.   For more spring cleaning tips, please see “Orange County Professional Window Cleaners: Spring Cleaning”  and “Orange County Window Cleaning: Spring Cleaning Includes Windows And Walls.”

Book an appointment with your Orange County window cleaners to do the hard part. Schedule your appointment now while we still have appointments available to take advantage of our spring specials!


Helpful Tips on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell From Your Orange County Window Cleaning Company

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Orange County Window Washing

Orange County Window Washing

So the time has come and you are ready to put your house on the market. You have already taken the necessary steps with your real estate agent, but now you need to make your home aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. Let us help with our list of a few helpful tips to get your home ready for people to see… ready to buy!

Paint or clean the walls.
Now you may have lived here for a long time and you don’t notice that the paint has dulled, or that there is film buildup on the walls. But a potential buyer will be looking at those things as things they do not want to have to do when they move in. If the walls are clean, or freshly painted this will ease the buyers mind on one less thing they will have to do when they move in.

Clean the yard
Trim the bushes, plant more flowers and mow the lawn! You want your home to be just as pleasing from the outside as it is from the inside. You can even stage areas in the yard for lounging to entice people to imagine their summer BBQs or family gatherings being held there. Powerwashing the concrete always helps with that finishing touch as well!

Make minor repairs
You know that cracked lightswitch, chip in the paint or ripped screen that has been bugging you for months? Well it will likely catch the potential buyer’s eye as well. Take a day or two, run out to your local hardware store and make those minor repairs that may deter a potential buyer. Or call a professional to help you accomplish tasks like re-screening.

Clear away the clutter
Yes we know the 80 gnomes in your living room are your favorite things in the whole world, but for the purpose of selling your home, they need to go! Clear out any areas that have random stuff that has accumulated that you may not even notice anymore! Move any extra furniture that is crowding a room neatly into the garage. Make the space look open and uncluttered.

Show them what they want to see
So you have cleaned the house from top to bottom, decluttered and cleaned the yard, but as you go to look out the window the film on your windows is putting a haze on your view. And the dingy look from the outside is making it look like you need all new windows. Make sure your windows are sparkling so that not only can the visitors see out to the amazing yard or scenic view, but that also when they are outside looking in it doesn’t look like the fog has rolled in on the inside of your home. Take the worry out of getting this task accomplished on your own and hire a professional to help your windows sparkle!

Good luck selling your home, and if you need help with your window cleaning, screen repair or power washing in Orange County, please feel free to contact us! We clean blinds too!


Summer Is The Time For Ca Gutter Cleaning

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We often talk of Orange County pressure washing and cleaning both stucco and brick walls as well as keeping drive and walk ways clean and debris free.  This time however we’d like to shift gears and focus on something a little different.  Ca gutter cleaning is often something that Orange County homeowners don’t like to talk about much less do themselves.  The process of cleaning ones gutters can be not just time consuming but dangerous as well since most gutters are sharp enough to severely injure an untrained individual.  Spending time on the roof or on a ladder during the summer no less, is also something that most homeowners would prefer to avoid.  Neglected gutters can quickly become ineffective as they become jammed with not only dead foliage but dirt, mud and mold as well.  When gutters are unable to perform the job for which they where designed water can find it’s way to areas it should not be, which can lead to a new list of costly issues.

At Skyview Window Cleaning we understand the dilemma that stands between you and your gutters.  That’s why we offer Ca gutter cleaning service to all of our clients throughout Southern California.  Gutters are there for a very specific reason, to redirect water to areas which will not affect your home.  If you’re like most homeowners you either don’t want to do the job yourself or simply forget about the problem until your not so gently reminded by the leaks in your roofs, ceilings, and walls that come about as a result.  If either of these descriptions is fitting of you it’s best not to hesitate and call professional Ca gutter cleaners such as the folks at Skyview.  The Skyview team offers great services at great prices and has been servicing Orange County for many years.  This means you’re getting the best Orange County has to offer in terms of Ca gutter cleaning and when the job is complete you can expect your gutters to function as if they where new and be completely free of any type of debris.

Summer is a fantastic time to have your gutters cleaned.  There is typically very little precipitation during the Summer and so drains are often left unused.  It is during these dry months that debris can dry out and become both a fire hazard and home to birds, insects, and a whole host of pests.  Hiring professional Ca gutter cleaners during these times makes the most sense as it both eliminates possible threats of fire and pests and readies your gutters for any possible rain that may arrive with the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons.  As with most other things in life preventative measures or maintenance will save you trouble down the road.  The time to have your gutters cleaned is when they’re not expected to be put to use, not after they’ve failed to do their job.

If you own a home or professional building that has gutters full of clutter and debris you may contact Skyview Window Cleaning anytime for either assistance or to book a Ca gutter cleaning appointment.