Summer Screening Special: Orange County Rescreening Discount

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Keep the Bugs Out: Have Your Orange County Window Cleaning Service Repair of Re-screen Your Home

Summer means the beach, pool, or any other place that can keep you cool. It can even mean just lazing around the house, especially if you have a comfortable place conducive to relaxation. A cool, well-ventilated home is a convenient place to enjoy warm summer months. Aside from keeping your home cool, making sure you keep out flies and other insects from entering your house is a must for comfort.

Summer is the time to check if your window screen needs to be repaired or replaced. Your favorite Orange County window cleaning company also does rescreening and repair.

AND, we’re offering on-site discounts with your free quote!

For your convenience, here is a list of prices for re-screening and screen repair:


  • Re-screening the fabric portion, spline and tabs for the average sized larger screen – $20.00
  • Standard sized windows – $15,
  • Smaller bathroom ventilation screens – $5.00
  • Re screening of  average sized patio slider screen – $40.00
  • Standard price for making new frames and screen onsite (for bent or damaged frames) –  $40.00.

As a special promo, Skyview Services is giving a discounted price on-site based on a quantity of screens made or repaired.  

We guarantee our work so you won’t have to worry about risk!
*Minimum charge for your screen replacement or repair requirement. $90
Get a free quote now.


Window Screen Types:

  • Phipherglass Insect Screen comes in 18×14 & 18&16 mesh . It offers good outward visibility so your view won’t be impeded. It will not rust, corrode or stain and will retain its appearance for years.It will provide excellent ventilation and will let the breeze flow freely through your windows.
  • Phipher Better Vue Insect Screens provide excellent visibility because it has been designed to transmit light through the fabric better than other bug screens. The mesh holes are 30% smaller than most fabrics and blocks more bugs than other screens.
  • Phipher No-See-Ums Bug Screens provide excellent protection from small insects
    With its 20×20 mesh. No-See-Ums also provide daytime privacy while still allowing good outward visibility to see through the windows.
  • Super Solar Insect Screens are dual purpose screens and are the highest in insect screen protection while also providing shade as well. It will keep insects and bugs out while reducing your cooling bills up to 90% by blocking the sunlight that radiates into your home.

We can manufacture new screen frames on site at your home and accuracy is constantly checked. Standard frame colors are white, silver, brown, tan, and black.