Feeling the Pressure: When to Choose Power Washing in Orange County

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Orange County Power Washing

Orange County Power Washing

We all think our hose nozzle is doing it’s job when we hose down areas around our home.  But the reality is the grime doesn’t all come off.

Sometimes we can see it and we resort to getting down on our hands and knees and putting a lil “elbow grease” into it. But even after all that, it’s still not fully clean and you’ve invested way too much of your precious time.

The solution? Your local “mom and pop” Orange County power washing specialists.

Why choose pressure washing?

Simple.  It cleans quickly, completely and efficiently… while maintaining the beauty and integrity of your home.

With all the pollutants in our Orange County environment, it is important to regularly clean them off of the surfaces around our home.  Not only does it look nice, but it is also preventative maintenance.  Pressure washing will prolong the life of the surfaces around your home.  It will prevent mildew and mold from potentially rotting surfaces, and causing other problems down the line.

The grime, oil and other surface build up not only can be unattractive, but it can also be dangerous.  It is important to keep your surfaces clean as a clean surface is always a safer surface.

Consider our team for your Orange County power washing needs including…

  • Building and Siding
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stucco and Stone
  • Deck, Patio & Fence
  • Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Although pressure washing can be a wonderful way to spruce up your home, you don’t want to cause damage due to inexperience!  Contact us now for your free quote to beautify your home!


Helpful Tips on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell From Your Orange County Window Cleaning Company

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Orange County Window Washing

Orange County Window Washing

So the time has come and you are ready to put your house on the market. You have already taken the necessary steps with your real estate agent, but now you need to make your home aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. Let us help with our list of a few helpful tips to get your home ready for people to see… ready to buy!

Paint or clean the walls.
Now you may have lived here for a long time and you don’t notice that the paint has dulled, or that there is film buildup on the walls. But a potential buyer will be looking at those things as things they do not want to have to do when they move in. If the walls are clean, or freshly painted this will ease the buyers mind on one less thing they will have to do when they move in.

Clean the yard
Trim the bushes, plant more flowers and mow the lawn! You want your home to be just as pleasing from the outside as it is from the inside. You can even stage areas in the yard for lounging to entice people to imagine their summer BBQs or family gatherings being held there. Powerwashing the concrete always helps with that finishing touch as well!

Make minor repairs
You know that cracked lightswitch, chip in the paint or ripped screen that has been bugging you for months? Well it will likely catch the potential buyer’s eye as well. Take a day or two, run out to your local hardware store and make those minor repairs that may deter a potential buyer. Or call a professional to help you accomplish tasks like re-screening.

Clear away the clutter
Yes we know the 80 gnomes in your living room are your favorite things in the whole world, but for the purpose of selling your home, they need to go! Clear out any areas that have random stuff that has accumulated that you may not even notice anymore! Move any extra furniture that is crowding a room neatly into the garage. Make the space look open and uncluttered.

Show them what they want to see
So you have cleaned the house from top to bottom, decluttered and cleaned the yard, but as you go to look out the window the film on your windows is putting a haze on your view. And the dingy look from the outside is making it look like you need all new windows. Make sure your windows are sparkling so that not only can the visitors see out to the amazing yard or scenic view, but that also when they are outside looking in it doesn’t look like the fog has rolled in on the inside of your home. Take the worry out of getting this task accomplished on your own and hire a professional to help your windows sparkle!

Good luck selling your home, and if you need help with your window cleaning, screen repair or power washing in Orange County, please feel free to contact us! We clean blinds too!


Orange County Commercial Pressure Washing

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Now that that the coldest parts of the year are firmly behind us, we look forward to and in some cases are experiencing warmer weather.  Typically summer is free from rain, and the type of weather that is hard on buildings and homes.  Many homeowners and owners of professional establishments opt to have their buildings cleaned once the season for bad weather has passed.  Business often increases during the summer as do visitors to a homes and so naturally people want their dwelling to look its best.  Cleaning a home or professional building however can be time consuming, back breaking, and costly, especially for those who choose to do it themselves.

Homeowners who take time off during the summer don’t do so to spend that time cleaning their homes, while owners of businesses have little choice but to hire an Orange County commercial pressure washer.  The exteriors of all buildings accumulate dirt, residue, insect carcasses, mud, moss, and even mold, all of which can make a building look dirty and unprofessional not to mention dangerous.  Cleaning stucco and brick is no easy task and it takes professional grade tools to get the job done right.  That’s where Orange County commercial pressure washer Jeff Miller and his team at Skyview Window Cleaning come in.  With years of experience and a reputation as being both fast and efficient, the folks at Skyview will leave your building looking like new.  Their work never fails to impress either as the majority of the work these Orange County commercial pressure washers receive is both referral based and repeat business.

The majority of those who do hire an Orange County commercial pressure washer do so just prior to or just after Spring begins.  The summer however is also an excellent time to have your building or home professionally cleaned.  Doing so will give your building several months of luster and professional appeal.  If you’ve been looking to give your building or home a good pressure washing contact Skyview Window Cleaning today for assistance!  There’s no substitute for a professional job done well!  You may also contact Skyview directly for more information!