Prepare for the Holidays with the Help of Orange County Window Cleaning Services

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Most of us try to do spring cleaning but how many of us are able to finish all the tasks in our spring cleaning to-do-list? Chances are, if you’re like most people you have probably left a couple of tasks undone in that long list. Well, autumn is the time to finish those leftover cleaning tasks. Cleaning during these cooler months gives you the chance to prepare your house for the holidays. We spend more time indoors during winter and fall cleaning will make our homes more comfortable during the chillier months. It will also make holiday entertaining easier and less stressful.

One of the things that you need to clean before winter sets in are your blinds, screens, and windows. Blind cleaning , screen cleaning and repair, and window cleaning are important because when you close your windows during cold weather, you’re also trapping dust and dirt if your windows and window blinds are dirty. If you haven’t cleaned them for a few months, you may need the help of a professional Orange County window cleaning service.

Cleaning windows is such a time and energy-consuming job that we try to put it off as long as we can. But if you want to let the sunshine in as much as you can during cold weather, clean windows, dust-free screens and blinds are a must. Hiring professional window cleaners Orange County has many advantages.

  • They will start and finish the job on time. That rarely happens when you try to clean your windows yourself.
  • They have the equipment and materials needed for a thorough cleaning.
  • They are prepared to repair or re-screen on-site if necessary. A regular homeowner may now how to clean but probably doesn’t have the materials or skills to do repairs.
  • They know the right cleaning materials that won’t damage windows, blinds, etc.
  • They can clean hard-to-reach areas safely.

This fall, save yourself the stress of cleaning your windows, blinds, and screens. You know you might not do it thoroughly and might not do it in time for the holidays. Hire a reliable Orange County window cleaning services and usher in the holidays relaxed and stress-free.


Orange County Pressure Washing: Improving Appearance of Your Property Can Improve Peoples’ Perceptions of You

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We’ve all heard the following popular clichés at one time or another:

“Looks are everything.”

“It’s all in the presentation!”

“First impressions last forever.”

“We have an image to uphold.”

“Perception is reality.”

“Presentation is key.”

“Put your best foot forward.”

But do we believe them to be true?  How much weight does appearance really hold?

Well, the truth is, even if you try not to “judge a book by its cover”, it’s a proven fact that people use outward appearances to gather information during a first time encounter. The process usually begins before we even step through the front door of a company or someone’s home.  We are subconsciously gathering clues about our surroundings and we relate use them to form opinions about new people or places.

The appearance of your property is particularly important because that’s what people see as they walk up to your door; it makes the first impression.  Orange County pressure washing is a service that can help make a positive first impression and improve the appearance of your property quickly, easily, and affordably!  If structures or paved areas on your property are looking dusty or dirty, an Orange County pressure washing can help by cleaning unsightly dirt from


light concrete

parking lots

brick walls


and walkways. 

These places are the first (and last) areas that new customers or visitors will see, and without a good Orange County pressure washing, what kind of lasting first impression will all that dirt leave?

Many local businesses were simply too busy to book their Orange County pressure washing during spring cleaning. If you were one of them, it’s not too late for you to put your best foot forward and step into summer! Skyview Window Cleaning provides services that sharpen the look of homes and businesses. They offer:

  • On site re-screening and new screen building
  • Pressure washing light concrete, stucco, and brick
  • Bird abatement installation
  • Holiday lighting installation and removal
  • Mirror Cleaning, Perfect for large wall mirrors
  • Much more!

Let Skyview put its 16 years of experience to use for you by booking an appointment with one of our service-oriented specialists.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” Many of customers who try  Orange County pressure washing  for the first time are actually neighbors or friends of existing customers.  Often times, when services are performed on homes or businesses in Orange County, pressure washing blasts away so much grime and debris that other homes in the vicinity appear dull in comparison, and who wants to be perceived as lackluster?

Uphold your image!  Call for a quote or book an appointment with an Orange County pressure washing expert today!

Choose Skyview Window Cleaners for your  Orange County Pressure Washing.