Sky View Services is dedicated to the best products and Orange County window cleaning services available!  Please view our services below and click on the links for more information!

  • Window Cleaning
    Our window washing services will help you protect your windows and your real estate investment!  We offer the latest technology of de-ionized water and reverse osmosis in our Orange County window cleaning services.
  • Blind Cleaning
    Don’t trust just anyone to clean your blinds! The inexperienced are likely to damage window coverings by cleaning them incorrectly.  With Sky View services, you can trust that only highly trained professionals will touch your blinds!  We even guarantee our work !
  • Shutter Cleaning
    Just like blinds, your shutters need to be maintained on a regular basis to protect their integrity.  Most times, we will clean them on site with soap and a special oil-based solution.
  • Pressure Washing
    We highly recommend pressure washing the exterior of your home or commercial building before any window cleaning service.  We provide both low pressure and high pressure washing services and ensure the appropriate usage of water pressure for each unique surface to limit the possibility of damaging your property.
  • Re-screening & Screen Repair
    Sky View Services offers many options if your screens need to be repaired or replaced.  Our Orange County screen repair services include working on your existing screens.  If you need new screens and/or frames, we can manufacture new screen frames on site and we offer a variety of screen types including pet restraint screens, low visibility screens, and solar screens.
  • Mirror Cleaning
    Sometimes when you try to clean mirrors on your own, it can result to smudges, stains or other damage to the mirror.  If your mirrors are placed in a hard to reach place or you don’t have the time or knowledge to clean them properly, Sky View Services can help! We have the right tools, cleaning materials, and techniques to make your mirrors sparkle!
  • Holiday LightingWhether you are looking for a simple display to brighten things up or want to dazzle the neighborhood with a spectacular light show, Sky View Services can help no matter what the budget!


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