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November 24th, 2008 | Posted by orangecountywindowcleaner in Orange County Window Cleaning

Owners of large buildings and even tennants who operate a business out of such buildings want to keep their place of business as clean as possible both on the interior as well as the exterior.  This is espeically true for businesses who often meet or entertain other professionals within their walls.  As common sense would dictate neither the landlords of such buildings nor the businesses within are going to be doing the cleaning themselves.

That’s where Skyview Window Cleaning comes in.  We offer our customers a number of different services all designed to keep the outside and inside of your building clean.  Though we are best know as professional window cleaners we specialize in a number of different services that keep your place of business looking its best.

For example, we offer pressure washing services which removes the dirt and grime that not only sticks to windows but the outside walls and surrounding areas of a building.  All of our clients like to make a strong first impression and as such this is one of our more popular services.  Our services extend beyond the exteriors of buildings as well as we also have services that keep your lighting fixtures, blinds, and mirrors looking sharp.  For those customers who participate in holiday decorating we will gladly come to your place of business and both install and uninstall holiday lighting.  This means your company can show holiday spirit without having to worry about the headaches associated with lighting.

If you own a business or building that’s in need of any of these services, contact us to set an apponitment!


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