If your home or building, like most others, has taken a beating by this winter’s weather now is the perfect time to begin thinking about having your building and/or home cleaned.  Though its still cold outside winter is entering its final month which means Spring and warmer weather are just around the corner.  A thorough … Read more

As any homeowner will tell you, over the seasons the elements can take their toll on the exteiror of a home.  This is especially true for homes that have stucco on their exteriors.  With each passing season these homes gather dirt and grime and they lose their luster after baking in the sun day in … Read more

Owners of large buildings and even tennants who operate a business out of such buildings want to keep their place of business as clean as possible both on the interior as well as the exterior.  This is espeically true for businesses who often meet or entertain other professionals within their walls.  As common sense would … Read more

Most of the leaves have fallen from their respective trees and the nights have been cooling off for some time now.  As the daytime hours continue to grow cooler each day we are reminded kindly by nature that winter is looming just around the corner. Though Orange County has seen both it’s fair share of … Read more

Skyview Window Cleaning is well known for it’s window cleaning services but what many of our clients don’t know is that we also offer pressure washing services.  The exteriors of houses get dirty especially during the colder months of the year when lower temperatures allow moisture to set on not only windows but the exterior … Read more

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy looking at holiday lighting?  Holiday lighting helps us all get into the holiday spirit and some people have gone so far as to turn holiday lighting into an art form.  Those of us who own homes or work in an office often consider installing some type of holiday lighting … Read more

Now that Summer is officially over and Fall has begun Winter is just around the corner.  As the leaves begin falling from the trees temperatures will steadily drop and the chances of rain increase.  With colder weather comes not only rain but also morning dew which is detrimental to buildings with windows or those primarily … Read more

Whether you are getting your home ready to sell, having company stop by or just want to make sure your home is clean from top to bottom, you’ll want to check out Orange County mirror cleaning and chandelier cleaning services from Sky View Window Cleaners. If you’re like most people, these are often overlooked parts … Read more

Summer is upon us!!! Sunny sky’s and hot temps have us opening up our Orange County windows to let the beautiful summer days in.  We have certainly had some crazy weather in Southern California this year.  Now that our crazy rain season is in the past, its time to clean up those windows.  Heavy rains … Read more

Your home is not only the place where you and your family spend most of their time, but it’s also a reflection of your personality and unique style.  From how you choose to decorate it to what flowers you choose to plant, your house says a lot about who you are.  Of course, if the … Read more